All wines are different. Each wine has a certain ability to manage its evolution with time according to the Reduction Potential that it has.

Reduction Potential of a wine is its capability to manage micro oxigenation throughout time. Its capability to manage oxygen ingress.

-Generally, all wines need oxygen in order to evolve in a satisfactory way. What differentiates wine ageing is the quantity that each wine needs in order to achieve an aromatic balance.

-The wine industry has historically been using stoppers in an indiscriminate way, having in mind first and foremost its price and marketing.

-If the wine’s
Reduction Potential  is not taken in consideration, the end result might be an over developed wine or, on the other hand, a wine with reductive characters (15 ppm of dimethyl sulfide are enough*) .
-Each wine should always have a stopper that will supply just enough oxigen for the desired evolution.

-The use of a stopper without considering the wine’s
Reduction Potential might originate a wine that is very far from what the winemaker expected.

Wine reduction potential
* Université de Bordeux