The cork covers all types of wines.
-With this in mind, we has created a range of products that will meet all wine requirements.

At the top of the range, Natural Cork leads for high Reduction Potential  wines. In this case, the performance can be adjusted by changing the grade and diameter ratio between the bottle neck and the cork. With bigger diameters or higher grades, we will have a lower air mass transfer to the wine and thus a slower wine ageing.
-The second cork type on the range is the Colmated. This cork is obtained from a natural cork with a special coating that covers the lenticels and thus decreases the oxygen transfer.
-In the 3rd position comes the 1+1. This cork has dense natural cork discs in the tops. Structurally, has several barriers (growing years) witch gives this stopper higher resistance to the air mass transference.
-In the fourth position is the micro cork. The micro is an agglomerate cork made with very small granules (0.5 to 2mm). Due to the extrusion process and to the bonding agent, the granules are
compressed against one another, avoiding the air mass transference from the cork.

-None the less, one must pay attention to the air mass that is trapped in between the granules. This can have an opposite action with time, if the density is not high enough.